Meet our Top Teen of the month. Adepoju Promise Tiwaloluwa

This month, we are shinning the spotlight on Adepoju Promise Tiwaloluwa our Teen entrepreneur for the month. Tiwaloluwa hopes tobring new hairstyles to hairstyling. Read her full story below.

My name is Adepoju Promise Tiwaloluwa, am an aspirant of Obafemi Awolowo University
I love reading novels and talking, I do not like to be embarrassed. I am a hair stylist,I make hair and do with wigs too. I love to see hair done beautifully on ladies most especially babies. With that, I developed passion for hair styling.
I started plaiting hair wen I was 10 years old, nobody taught me. I started by making my sister’s hair, with that the zeal to be better at it and learn more grew and I was determined to press further.
With the determination, I went to a good salon to perfect my skills and I spent a year there.
There were lot of challenges, Sincerely, it wasn’t easy. In this part of the world where i grew up, it is believed that people who venture into entrepreneurship are illiterates so I grew up with the misconception that learning a vocational skill was for illiterates and I was worried about what people would say about me and what response I would give when they asked me what I was doing currently. I was alo bohered about how I would be able to mingle with other apprentice who were not learned. But because of the love I had for hair styling, the desire to keep myself busy and not idle and the determination to press on, I decided to be humble enough to go for what I really wanted.
I know no one is perfect, but there were times I felt bad because of the way customers treated the apprentices, but  I learnt that ‘The way you dress is the way you will be addressed’. I was surprised many customers didn’t know I was an apprentice till I finished learning because of the way I always dressed smart.
I am hopeful that things are going to get better. I  want to change the mentality of people concerning hair stylist because they consider us as prostitutes which is not so. Through God, I know all things are possible. I love to be innovative and hope to bring in new styles into hair styling.
Lastly, I’d like to advice young people to follow their dreams. If you have passion for hair making, or tailoring, or any skill you want to learn, please do not think about what people would say, do not get discouraged by their comments, There is no price for giving up. Only you can smash your goals.