Interview with Women in STEM-Meet Oluchi Enebeli

My name is Enebeli Oluchi, I am a full stack Blockchain / Software engineer and a Mathematician, I currently work at Sterling Bank as a Blockchain project lead Developer 

What inspired you to pursue a career in STEM? 

I had always loved SCIFI growing up as a kid, I would see how complex analysis and computation was put into solving a problem, predicting when and where a criminal will strike next, how cyber crime fighters will secure a system from breaches and protocol override by unethical hackers, how sense was made out of data in solving a criminal case and so much more. These had always fascinated me and i was eager to be a part of those who use critical thinking and technology to cater to their needs. This eagerness was what lead me to studying Mathematics in the university after spending most of my post secondary/ pre-university days working with computers as i had the opportunity of managing a cafe, where i had to do some networking and computer engineering work.

Role models and heroes:

Permit me to mention my three top role models / hero
1. My Dad : Fortunately for me , my dad happens to be a Mathematician and his knowledge contributed immensely to my ability to think critically.2. Ada Lovelace : This lady inspires me a lot! She’s one of my biggest role model and heroine, having been the first computer programmer and the first to recognize that the machine had applications beyond pure calculation, and published the first algorithm intended to be carried out by such a machine. So when ladies see mathematics and computing as too technical for them, i say come on! we started this! courtesy of Ada.3. Abiodun Dabiri : Being a senior software engineer with decades of experience and Founder of Essential Software, Abiodun Dabiri has been a great push to my career advancement and achievement. I also share so much in his goal “One of my goals is to help build a fully decentralized world which is transparent and full of trust.”

Why do you loving working in STEM?

I love the challenges! as a Mathematician and a Software Engineer, there is never an idle or boring moment, there is always one or more problems to find solutions to, it keeps my mind and brain healthy, always thinking critically, trying to solve problems out of the boundaries of a box. I see technology like a mini god, almost anything can be done with it and it present an equal and fair ground for everyone to participate. 

 Any advice for young girls who’d love to pursue a career in STEM? 

 To any young girl out there who wants to pursue a career in STEM, I say go for it! You were born for it! All you need is the interest and the passion, there is no limit to what you can achieve. Don’t be deterred by the technicalities, take it one step at a time, it would all make sense soon enough.

 How can you encourage younger girls to be more exposed and more interested in STEM?

 I encourage them to be part of a community, go for tech meet-ups, conferences or master classes, meet people who are into this same fields, relate and share from their wealth of knowledge. I personally run a ladiesdotech forum where any lady is welcomed to join, it is a forum for ladies who are already taking a lead in the tech space or who are interested in learning  practical skills, this is not just limited to practical skills but also to instill the ethics of programming into the young ones, so as to help them think radically and critically to solve problems. We very recently opened an Instagram page for it @ladiesdotech as the website is still in development.

 What does being a woman in STEM mean to you? 

 Being a woman in STEM means having a voice in my society and in the world at large! as every solution in the world now is centered around technology and it gives me a chance to be part of the solution givers.

 What are your future career goals?

As part of my career goals, I have great interest in exploring these fields :CryptographyArtificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine LearningSecured Information Transportation Systems

 What is the biggest challenge you face as a woman in STEM?

 My biggest challenge is constantly pushing myself to keep up with new and disruptive technologies while being backward compatible with older ones.