Our condition has no bearing with our value.

I was eighteen when I started college. I started developing a strange illness. It was the beginning of my Myasthenia Gravis.
My life was going to change with it. I could no longer speak correctly, walk, use my hands or even smile. I became, to be honest, weaker than you could ever imagine.
One day, as I was trying to laugh, one of my good friends, said to me: Oh Wendata, can’t you laugh anymore? 😱 You cannot even laugh? You have all the problems of the world, you can’t hear, you can’t see, and you are paralyzed. Do you really think you could ever get a husband?
She seemed worried about my situation, but she was sarcastic.
I am actually, deaf. Shortsighted. Myasthenic. This is not a great association.😞
And every day, this friend will not miss any opportunity to remind me of my condition. She will say something like:
Do not ever try to laugh in front of anyone.
Nobody will be willing to marry a deaf girl who cannot do anything.
How are you going to manage for your studies?
Even the simplest things you cannot do anymore; what are you going to become?

The best formula would have been for me to flee, to go away to preserve myself.
But I did not do it. I wanted her in my circle to allow her to see my progress.
I wanted to succeed right in front of her.
I felt destroyed. I found myself less valuable than the others. For a while.
I wanted to prove that I had value. But it did not work. Myasthenia leaves nothing to prove. It is incurable. The more you try to show that you are good the more it sinks you and destroys you.
My fight had to be internal.
Sometimes our condition will never change, and, we have to learn to see it differently. Accept it as part of our life and take support on it to leap.
This is possible, when we learn that our condition has no bearing on our value.
Please, do not stay friends with people who shoot you down. If negativity does not help you move forward, just run away. (I usually shine in a negative environment. But we are not the same, if you do not feel good with that, please leave.)
It is ok, to run away.
It is ok to put an end to bad friendships.
But it is never ok to think less about yourself.
It is not ok to let people, or some bad or sad condition convince you that you are bad and deserve nothing good. And, it is also wrong to try to impress people and to show them how good you are. They will see it when the real you will rise.
And, only you can make it happen!
Today, I am the president of an association, my condescending friend wants to be part of.
I restarted my studies.
I am not yet married, and it is not marriage that will determine the success of my life.

Wendata Bertille Yanogo