Never allow your physical appearance limit you.

#MyEsteemCampaign Day 9

I can remember it just like yesterday. Almost twenty years ago, I was in primary three. I was known in my class as the girl with the torn and patched uniform .Even my uncle then Uncle Onos always teased me with it. I became so ashamed to play with my mates because of a truth, my pinafore uniform was torn at the back and it has been patched roughly with thread and needle several times. This affected my relationship with students but my being intelligent was a plus for me. I used that to my advantage. I always made sure I got questions right in the class and the other students always clapped for me. I was a champion inside the class, but I was withdrawn outside.

Fast forward to Secondary school, I had the feeling that I was ugly. People often said I looked like a boy, it didn’t help that I didn’t wear earrings neither were my ears bored. I started behaving the way I appeared so that it wouldn’t hurt when people stated the obvious. I brushed my hair so hard so I could get sporty waves. .lol. I started walking like a boy (bouncing). I played ball with boys my age, I even fought once with a boy. I participated in sporting activities just to feel among the guys!

Somehow, my intelligence always singled me out. I can never forget the end of session in JSS 1 when I was called out in the assembly hall as the overall best student in JSS 1 (eight classes in JSS 1). I was overwhelmed, I was too ashamed to come out immediately, but I eventually came out. After that day, I wore my ugliness (as I felt I was) as a badge of honour and focused on my “selling point” which was my intelligence. My intelligence paved way for me and I refused to dwell on my weaknesses anymore. In fact, I started seeing the beauty in myself whenever people pointed at me and said “That’s the intelligent girl”

In my First year in the University, my lecturers developed a keen interest in me because I was just the best in the department. As God would have it, I graduated as the best graduating student in my department with a CGPA of 4.39/5.0 and further went for my Service, also went further for my MSc in Oil and Gas Management and I currently own a firm called Geo-Digits Consult limited..
My story has taught me this. Never allow your weaknesses or your physical appearance limit you. Do not dwell in the valley of self-pity and low self-esteem. Rise up, discover your strength and develop it and the sky will not just be your limits, but your stepping stone!!

Taiwo Umanu Blessing