If you continue to live in fear, you would lose everything

#MyEsteemCampaign day 27.

Growing up for me was not really fun as I happened to be an introvert. I was always afraid to confront people when they wronged me, too shy to even answer questions any time my teachers asked questions even when I knew it. To raise up my hand and talk was a problem. I felt like hell would let loose and something would swallow me that minute especially when the teacher was about pointing any of the pupils.

One day, I had a self-awareness as I was clocking 13, and I said to myself “Ifetayo what exactly is your problem”? If you continue to live in fear, you would lose everything, and most time valuable things, and it may never come back to you. I gradually began to develop my self-esteem and became more confident. I realized I had been denying myself peace and a chance to live life to my full potentials all these years. I also had stage fright, being unable to speak in front of a crowd, but I overcame that.

I am a short person and my friends tagged me as “very short “. Most times, they do certain thing just to make jest of me. The turning point came for me when I started accepting myself the way I was made and loved myself the more, It is either I’m impacting lives, entertaining or empowering people. I didn’t let inferiority complex got to me, because I realized I am best of my kind and God did a perfect job on me.

I began to do things myself without fear of what people would say. I started my NGO and company, I am presently a Global peace ambassador and a girl child advocate. Yes I am a voice to the voiceless, I am not afraid to make mistakes, because I still do. But I can say I am proud of the woman I have become because I have been able to transform many lives. My poor family background could not stop me, fear tried to stop me but I faced my fears.

Learn to face your fears, it won’t be easy but I can tell you that you have all it takes to chase fear from you, and become whatever you aspire in life. Don’t let fear stops you instead do things afraid, and pursue your dreams, achieve every of your set goals. One day, you will be proud of your decision, and guess what? You will be glad you did afterwards.
Always have it in mind that no one can stop you, not even FEAR except YOU. Don’t ever live your life to impress anyone, or try to please others, express yourself freely no matter what. Always be yourself and be the best .Go and manifest!!!

Olatunji Ifetayo