I was mocked as the senior girl who took school bus.

#MyEsteemCampaign day 14.

Growing up, I was blessed with responsible siblings and loving parents. Though we didn’t have much, my parents struggled to take me to one of the best schools in my state.
First day at school, I was wowed at the amount the kids spent on lunch. I was fortunate to attend such a good school but my daily allowance was just for transportation with little or nothing left for lunch. Considering the price of snacks, I didn’t bother going out for lunch. While others went out, I’d rest my head on my desk and sleep.
Sometimes, within the week, when I had succeeded in saving enough to buy a decent lunch, I would go out for lunch. You see, it wasn’t really my choice to not go out for lunch but I made it seem it was a choice and I had to go out for lunch once in a while to prove it.

Well, with time, I began to develop a healthy self-esteem. Of course. I was mocked as the senior girl who took school bus (school bus were considered as for the poor students who wanted to reduce cost of taking private bus).
Guess what? I didn’t care. I was already in S.S.2 and my priority was to get into the university hitch free (no WAEC re-sit or Jamb failure). I enrolled into the boarding school in S.S.3 and my personality remained the same.
Ignored every attempt to derail me from my goal or make me have low self-esteem. The word of God also helped me a lot.

Today, I am a lawyer, a scholar and activist. I don’t let people push me into something I don’t want. Everything I have ever done was something that was at peace with my spirit. The first step to having a good self-esteem is to believe in yourself. Do what makes YOU (not THEM) happy. Your predicament now, doesn’t determine your tomorrow!

Joyce Eronmwon Irogue is proudly a lady who has placed value on high self-esteem and still remains humble.

Joyce Eronmwon Irogue