I usually thought nobody would ever listen to me.

#MyEsteemCampaign day 15.

While growing up as a young girl, I had low self-esteem and I usually thought nobody would ever listen to me. I grew up not knowing how to pronounce words properly which I still have till now and because of that, I had sworn never to talk in public because I felt people would not listen to me, instead they would be pointing out my mistakes and errors.
I grew up pronouncing Mozambique the wrong way and so many other words and I felt like I should never talk in public.

But five years after, I have come to love myself appreciate myself and to show up for myself. I still don’t know how to pronounce some words properly but I did not let that hold me back.
In September, I had a major opportunity to speak to world leaders at the United Nations General Assembly and the first thing that came to my mind was how I would be able to speak in front of all this world leaders without making a mistake. I was worried about how I would speak in front of the World Bank president without pronouncing some words wrongly.
But yes despite all my fears and all the thoughts that I had not to show up for that day I still showed up with smiles and confidence and I did deliver my speech.

Yes I was scared, yes I thought of thousands of things that could go wrong that day; what if I fall down while speaking? What if the mic went off while speaking? What if I forget my lines while speaking? What if I look at somebody and the expression on the person’s face shows that they are not listening to me or they don’t even understand what I’m saying?
But despite all my fear I did it. Yes I did it and I’m telling you as a young girl, you have the right to speak up and to speak out for yourself. You are not an echo, you are a voice. A voice that needs to be heard in every nation, in every city, in every community, and all around the world, because you as a girl child has everything it takes to shape the world.

Olowo Omotoke Titilope