I used to be ashamed of my height.

I was not always like that, I used to be a vibrant kid that loves to have fun and be happy no matter what.
But growing up, one thing never changed about me which is my voice and my height. I have a tiny and babish voice, and I have an average height I think. Lol.

Anyways, I used to be ashamed of my height that I refuse to stand close to anyone that is taller than me, it made me feel intimidated.
Because of my height, baby voice and face, people hardly take me seriously infact I get a lot of insults from people I am older than, that’s because they feel I’m a child and when they find out that I am way older than them, they starts treating me like an old lady.

For long, I let this get to me, but overtime I let go and started building on my self esteem and confidence, studying the word of God and taking online courses. Now when I talk with confidence I see people eager to listen to me irrespective of my voice and height.
I believe that the only reason why people feel intimidated is because they have allowed the words of people to become their reality and the day they take charge of their lives people will see the reality they made for themselves.

📸 credit Odyssey.