I thought my big nose ruined my smile.

#MyEsteemCampaign Day 10

As a teenager, lot of people perceived me as the perfect child, but truth is, I dealt with a number of things, some of which coloured my teen years and early adult years. I’ll share one or two.

I have always been short. Read that as cute. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been the smallest of all my friends. My ‘baby face’ didn’t help matters. Till date, people can’t guess my correct age. I didn’t see it as a blessing then.
Because of my being vertically challenged (lol), people said all sort of things to me. I remember someone telling me I’m really pretty but the only snag is that I’m short and can never be a model or pageant queen because they always asked for tall ladies. That got to me then.
On the flip side, I won awards for being cute up till University days. Some people still refer to me as DamiCutest.

I also remember that for a long time, I thought my nose was too big and disproportionate to my face, so I never smiled when I took pictures. I thought that my face was cute but the big nose ruined my smile and would make my pictures go from cute to ugly in seconds. How wrong I was! I can’t remember how exactly I got over this, but now I am complimented by people for almost always having a smile on my face.

I believe your thoughts and words go hand in hand with whether or not you have a healthy self-esteem. You must be intentional about your thoughts and words if you want to have a healthy self-esteem.

Above all, I believe that the ultimate thing is to have what I call GOD ESTEEM. Let God’s perspective of you shape and define your thoughts and words concerning yourself! That way, you move from Self Esteem to God Esteem.

Damilola Busari