“I practically lived in fear, I didn’t want to offend anybody.”

#MyEsteemCampaign day 21.

Growing up as a little kid was so amazing for me. I’m the last of 6 children and I was loved by everybody. But at age 11, my world started crashing right before my eyes and there was nothing I could do.
My elder sister started telling all sort of lies to my parents and their hearts started turning away from me gradually, nothing I did pleased them anymore and the more time passed the more their hatred for me grew.

Secondary school was a struggle for me, I was naturally a calm kid but it became worse because the emotional stress from my family shattered my self-esteem. I became a nerd, all I did was read and built a very high fence between me and people because I believed nothing I did would please anybody.

After secondary school, I didn’t want to continue my education because it meant going to the outside world and I didn’t want that. I practically lived in fear, I didn’t want to offend anybody and all I wanted to do was please people plus I hated myself.

My self-esteem got broken down to the extent that I had to start avoiding friends both from childhood and new ones. I kept blocking people from my life for 7 years and my family kept pushing me away. I almost resulted to a lot of things but my heart couldn’t take it so I stayed back with my family and endured everything.

Although things hasn’t gotten better with my family till date but recently I saw a new dimension to life. I finally realized that everything that happen to me all through these years was to make me a better person. I started loving myself, my self-esteem grew, I stopped living my life to please people and now I’m becoming a better woman than I ever was. I’m loving the woman I’m becoming.

Photo Credit: masterfile.com