I have learnt to invest in personal development.

#MyEsteemCampaign day 26.

Have you ever looked at yourself and felt not good enough?, have you heard people talk innocently and laugh as you walked on by and thought to yourself “aha, they must be laughing at me”? Have you felt left out all because you cannot afford what your mates can?
You see, that was my story some years ago.

I was raised in a low socioeconomic background.
My parents did their best to provide our basic needs, but beyond that it was a different story. New shoes and clothes were a luxury, looking good was a language foreign to us. Little wonder I always felt left out of the pack. I always took people’s innocent conversation anytime I passed by to be about me as I walked by with my worn out shoes and clothes and unkempt hair.

You see, I was not the only one affected, my siblings were not left out. There was a time my brother went for a singing competition wearing shoes that were so bad they were literarily “smiling to the heavens” He was in front of the choir and he saw the judges laughing, he taught to himself, “they must be laughing at my shoes”.

Looking back, it seems like a lifetime ago.
I have learnt that ones life is much more than what people see when they look at you, I learnt to embrace simplicity and love me for who I really am. I have learnt to invest in personal development because I realized that personal development is more important than outward appearance.

My self esteem has grown to the extent that I cannot be intimidated by anyone.
Do I have all d money in the world to look my best always? Of course not. I will get there someday but until then, I will stand tall and hold my head up, I will rock my clothes bought in a thrift store and my hand me down shoes, because I know I’m more than how I look.

From anonymous.
Photo credit Google Images.