I found my voice, my strength and esteem.

My name is Kenn-Ndubuisi, Juliet.
I grew up in Suleja, a settlement in Niger state.

I completed my primary and secondary education quite early. I wrote the West African Examination Council (WAEC) examination when I was barely 15 years old.
I wrote my first Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) examination in 1999. Even though I scored 234, I could not get admitted into University of Abuja to study.

It took me 6 years to actually get admitted into the university. In between, I lost my boldness, my voice, my ability to stand tall and strong, I was mad with God for letting me down so I also lost my faith. I lost my self-esteem.

My friends went into the university and even graduated while I was still at home. I did not belong to that circle anymore because I was yet to pass through the walls of the university. They excluded me from their circle and this killed #MyEsteem even more.

I stayed more indoors, I lost interest for social media, I hardly said anything in public. I became extremely quiet and was slowly trending into depression.

I met a reverend father in 2003. Late Fr. Pascal Nwachukwu. He was shocked that behind the shell of the quiet girl was a very intelligent and strong woman.

He listened to my story and gave me books to read. He became my counsellor, he taught me to regain my voice, strength and personality. I regained my faith in God, I trusted him and believed him again. I became myself again in the space of a year and in 2004, I got admitted into the university to study Accounting.
My first year was a healing process for me. I found my voice, my strength and esteem.
With my new found zeal to be the best in anything I do, I graduated with a First class and now, I am a Ph.D. student.
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