“I felt intimidated because we didn’t measure up to some standards.”

#MyEsteemcampaign day 18.
Today, we are celebrating every boy child who has battled with low self esteem. Today, we are sharing their stories. If you ever thought that low self-esteem was unique to the girl child alone, then you were wrong.


My name is Taiwo, I was born into a family that was once rich, even though we never begged for food. We had more than enough but the society we belonged to has made me a victim of circumstances.

From the story I heard, my father was once a rich farmer and a civil servant who was well respected in our town. I don’t know how, but things wasn’t like it was back then. I was opportune to attend a private primary school when I was a kid before I moved to a public school. I started having this feeling of not being good enough when I was in public school because the church we attended was a rich men gathering. I felt intimidated because we didn’t measure up to their standards.

Oops, I forgot to tell you that my twin is a female. Most of the time, we were segregated from others because of our retarded growth. We look smaller than our age especially my twin sister. Everyone looked down on us and they didn’t want to associate with us. Even my father’s family kept us away from their children. I can hardly recognize any of them till date. They were rich and their English was very sound unlike mine and my twin that attended a public school. “I faced my fear, I started learning and I became someone who could boast of his skills.”

It wasn’t long before I realized that the challenges I was facing was preparing me for the task ahead. I don’t attend church parties or family events because I’d feel like I was there to beg. We were excluded from everything, we were not part of the family or the church because we couldn’t meet the standards and everyone looked down on us. We were disrespected by kids who were richer than us and could have things we couldn’t. Sometimes, my twin would say to me “Taiwo, I am fed up, where do we go to and who do we make our friend?” yes! No one wanted to be friends with us.

We were once rejected by everyone, we were seen as an illiterate. Sometimes, we were referred to as local people but here we are today we’ve faced our fears and we’ve grown.

You see, life doesn’t end when all that happens. We were only made stronger, we’ve learnt to live alone without the validation of anyone. We’ve found our esteem back, we are no more the little kids who begs for attention!

Face your fears, it’s a phobia you can deal with. You can be better than you were. The strength is in you because it’s YOU!

Adesina Taiwo Abiola