I am doing my best to support the girl child morally and financially.

#MyEsteemCampaign day 29.

Most often, we are the result of the experiences we have been through. Our personality is shaping at every moment of our existence and that is what makes
Everyone unique.

Coming from a family of 6, I received a very severe education from my parents, a training that allowed me to brave certain circumstances of life, to show a certain maturity in this city (Abidjan) where only hustlers succeed in pulling out of the game. And yes, it was a day when I had no food to eat. I have never been so hungry all my life but I knew that God would not let me sink into this situation. It was necessary to act, to change the course of things. But how did I get here?

*The fatal blow*

I was living with one of my uncles in an upscale neighbourhood but I think I was not lucky. An event occurred and I was forced to fend for myself, to go on an adventure like many Ivorian students at 8 o’clock in the evening. I’m sure you would like more details but there are situations that, when they happen to you are very difficult to relate.

The uncle was not the cause of my misfortune, I will simply say that it is a stroke of fate. He remains the best uncle I have ever had and the one who allowed me to set foot for the first time at university, and that I will never forget. Many forget that recognition plays a very important role in everyone’s life. I would even say that it is a very important factor for our success. One thing is certain, I was very far from the protective eye and the support of the head of the family, it was necessary to fight to get out of it. This is where I realized that my life is no more the same.

*I was homeless*

At first, I did not know where to sleep. I then remembered a young policeman who was courting me so a call was going to solve the situation. I was not stupid, I knew what was waiting for me but did I have a choice? We started to live together and I experienced very traumatic moments. I was on the verge of sexual harassment but it was me who had invaded his space. I was no longer sleeping, afraid of being raped. I was only 19 years old and I was so afraid of men because of the training I had received from my parents. But I had to take my destiny into my own hands.

*I have never cried so much*

One day, thinking that he had gone to work, I decided to wash myself properly because I did not do it when he was present. It was there that I understood that a man who manifested sexual desires had no sedatives except the satisfaction of his own desires. In fact, he pretended to go to work and hid in one of the rooms of the house. To my surprise, I see the door of the bathroom open and … (I prefer to skip this part of the story). I ran to snuggle behind the door and managed to grab my towel. I was so sorry and sorry that it happened to me but I did as usual and I just left the house.

Some will find this innocuous but for me, it was an affront to my dignity and I could never accept that. It was a violation on everything I had, my dignity as a woman, I lost my self-esteem. I cried all the tears of my body in this amphitheatre but it was necessary to get up again to change things. That day, I hated poverty. I regretted being poor, I just found it unfair but I saw other people in the same situation. Even if I did not know what had happened to them, I was not alone and I smirked. And yes, I say it and say it again, we are the result of what happens to us.

*My best revenge*

By creating this association that will try to do its part in the empowerment of the young African woman in rural areas precisely in Côte d’Ivoire, I am doing my best to support the girl child morally and financially so that she can benefit from ‘quality education in the long run’. This was a way for me to take revenge on misery and poverty. I promised God that even if I have to be ruined, I will always come to the aid of all the girls in need because nobody has to live what I have lived, nobody! With what we are doing, I think I will win the bet. We will go into all the holes to find the people in need. May God help us.

Writer prefers to be anonymous.
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