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There are a million and one people already doing the same business you’re doing. The competition is already crazy. If you must climb to the top and make something out of it, you need to be strategically aggressive about it.

So. Today, I’ll be talking about starting a business
Entrepreneurship is the new Ish, and everyone is rushing towards it. But, the simple truth is that not everyone can do it. Entrepreneurship is like a spirit. If it possesses you, you won’t be able to leave it.
For me, I’ve always known I won’t work for anyone. I always wanted to run my own business. So, first, you need to know yourself. Some people are better at working in a firm. It doesn’t make them not sensible or less intelligent, I respect them. But, for me, it can’t work. I run away from jobs. I’ll faint if I start working in a company. I have resigned from two great jobs before, just after three days of employment. So, I’ve always known myself.

To be an entrepreneur requires discipline. That’s the second point. The first point is that you need to understand yourself. You need to know the kind of person you are. Are you the kind of person who loves to work on his own and do things for yourself? Or are you the type that likes to work in a company setting. That way, you’ll know if you should go into entrepreneurship.
Secondly, it requires discipline. This is the problem with several entrepreneurs. They are not disciplined. For some persons, because they don’t have jobs that require them to be at the office in the morning, they become lazy and just act anyhow. This is very wrong. As an entrepreneur, you’re the boss of yourself. The first thing you need to learn is personal discipline. First, you must learn how to wake up early even if you’re not going anywhere. Understand this, people who wake up earlier are more prone to be wealthy than those who wake late. You must wake up earlier than the sun every day. I wake up by 6am every day. You must have a schedule of how you live your life. If you can’t manage your personal life, you can never manage a business. Discipline is key in business. Your circle of friends will reduce, your play will reduce, and you’ll become much more focused on your goals. Let give you a breakdown of my day. I wake up by 6. Sometimes I go jogging. I come back, have my quiet time. And then, I start work on my laptop. I’m fresh, and ready to conquer.
That brings me to my third point. And that’s mindset. You must have a winning mindset. Never think negative things. Never. Even when money isn’t coming in. For a year, I didn’t make any money at all in my business. Yet, I didn’t quit. You know, it’s even very difficult to run a business nowadays in Nigeria, because there’s no money at all. To get capital is a problem. To even sustain the business is a problem. The problems are too many. These things can kill your morale. And that’s why you must always keep your mindset positive. Surround yourself with entrepreneurs like you, give yourself moral support, lend each other money, things will get better.
You must be aggressively dogged. We entrepreneurs are very stubborn. We pick a goal, and we start working towards it. We don’t want to think about the obstacles. Our eyes are fixed on the price. You must begin to eliminate distractions. Friends that don’t speak the language of success should be out. Let me not lie to you, forget all the packaging, the road is rough for entrepreneurs. Hence, you don’t need any disturbance. You should be singularly focused. Your eye should be on the price.
That brings me to number 5. Vision. Ask yourself these questions: what’s your vision? What do you want to achieve? Where are you going to? Are you just an entrepreneur because you need to survive? If you are, then I promise you, in two years’ time, your business will crash. So, what are you trying to achieve. What’s the bigger goal for you? For me, I want to own and run the biggest Business School in Africa. This is what keeps me awake every night. This is what drives me this is what fuels me. You need a vision which will keep you going. So that when things are looking bad, you’ll have something to think about and be able to continue the fight.
If you are just doing business because that is what is reigning now, you need to pack up and leave. You don’t stumble into entrepreneurship. Even if you did stumble into it, you need to become deliberate about it. You need to understand that entrepreneurship is about planning and strategy. If not you fail. You need to stay woke. Lol. You need to keep updating your bank of knowledge. You must read, you must read, You must read, You must read. This year alone, I have read almost fifteen books on business. I have more than a hundred of them, and I’m still buying more. No more Linda Ikeji Blog and Bella Naija again. You need to begin to read blogs like Forbes, Fast Company, Inc and my own business blog –
Ladies, listen. There are a million and one people already doing the same business you’re doing. The competition is already crazy. If you must climb to the top and make something out of it, you need to be strategically aggressive about it. No slacking, no dulling, no sleeping.

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Akan Imoh is a Business Consultant, with a leaning towards cutting-edge innovations and results-oriented strategies.
He is an erudite Public Speaker. A Trainer par excellence and a strategic influencer. For the past four years, he has worked extensively with Startups all around the country, helping them position and reposition themselves to grab market share. 
He also consults directly for larger firms, providing strategic solutions via Training and Consulting, to shake up organizational structures and fine tune them for functionality beyond average. 
With competencies in Business Analysis, Brand Engineering, Image Management, Capacity Building, Strategic Thinking and Relationship Management with various publics, he is definitely the most perfect choice to help advance your organizational goals. 
He currently trains for Remoik Training & Consulting as (a partner of American Certification Institute) as Head Trainer cum Associate Consultant. He has trained on several courses with Remoik, some of which are: Advanced Strategic Management; Strategic Human Resources and Business Partner; Train the Trainer Courses; Innovation Management; Marketing Relationship.
Other courses he has trained on include: Customer Relationship Management; Microsoft Office Packages; Brand Management; Digital Marketing; Leadership Development and Team Building, Facility Management, Contract Management, Supply Chain & Inventory Management. 
His training clientele encompass staff of major firms such as Nampak, The United States Department of Defence (In Nigeria), Chocolate City, Delta State Judiciary, MedPlus Pharmacy, NNPC, Exxon Mobil, Total E&P.
Also included in the list are: The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Calverton Helicopters amongst many others.
He a graduate of the prestigious University of Lagos, Akoka, where he studied Political Science and International Diplomacy. He is also a graduate of the Nigerian Institute of Journalism, Ogba, where he studied Mass Communication.