5 Things failure taught me

Yes, I failed. So what? I am not the first to fail neither will I be the last.
It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all, in which case you have failed by default.
Failing in different aspects of life and in various levels has taught me the following:

  • The Reality of Life

Life has its ups and downs. Just as we have different seasons in this life. Most teenagers don’t experience somethings and they never get to know the reality behind it.
If you are still in a dreamland where we just have bed of roses and no thorns, you are not yet born. Life tends to slap us in the face and make you understand you are no longer a baby.
It gives you responsibilities even when you are not yet prepared. Failure is real.

  • A Closer Walk with God

When you don’t fail, you won’t know what God can do. God shows up exactly at the point you consider yourself to be a failure. Our failures draw us nearer to God in the sense that the moment you realise your strength cannot make you succeed; you go to Him so as to ensure success because he is a successful God.

  • Self-Assessment

Going on with your life with little or no time to check your growth, then all of a sudden, different failures occurring at each stage. It causes you to check where things have gone wrong.
Most of us don’t assess ourselves unless we fail.

  • Experience

If you fail on a particular thing due to the way it was done, you change direction and use a new method.
A person that falls at a particular place will find a new route and note the place he fell. Just as it goes, Experience is the best teacher. Doing a thing once and being successful at first try is not a success but luck.
Doing things repeatedly and failing at each point makes you get experienced on that field hereby giving you the fruit of your labour as a reward for Success.

  • Humility

A person that got successful at the first try is likely to be arrogant. Unlike the one that has been failing woefully only to get successful one day.
Failure humbles us. It makes you put yourself in check hereby enabling you to welcome new ideas and go deeper in your researches.

NOTE: It is not by how fast you can do it but how well it is being done. Failure brings out the true picture.

Written By Temitope Agbaosi