THE WISER ME- Defeating Peer Pressure

Few percent of what would become of a man’s life is dependent on the kind of people he/she relates with. Peer group influence is what a lot of a teens suffer from. Some teens can’t take decisions on their own except with the influence of a friend. Peer group can have both positive and negative influence on an individual. 

When I was in secondary school,
I used to have a group of friends I related with. You know how it is in secondary school where there’s usually a group of 3-4 close friends, members of each group relating with one another better than with other persons in the class. Whatever decision the seemingly leader of the group takes about a particular issue will be binding on all members of the group. Doing otherwise meant treachery and a sure exit from the group. 

 The illustration above means even if I have the wisdom to take a wiser decision of my own, the outcome is still largely dependent on whatever the group leader decides. This is the kind of pressure most teens have to live with so as not to feel isolated from or deserted by their friends. 

You need to make a decision not to give yourself over to the influence of friends that won’t allow you live a life of your own- especially the kind of life God has in plan for you. Do not allow pressure from friends make you feel less of yourself or out of place amidst others. You are special and peculiar to your maker.

Written by:

Adepoju Victoria