ICT Training at GDSSS Gombe

The training at Government Day Science Secondary School, (GDSSS) Buba Shango, Gombe started on the 24th of July, 2017. Students in attendance were over 80, this included about 40 boys and 40 girls and 5 teachers in the school. The training was supposed to include other activities as seen on the flier, but because of time constraint, we focused on the ICT training alone.

The first day featured an introduction to graphics design. At the end of day one training, TOP Teens team went ahead to install the software (Photoshop) used for the design in all the computers in the school ICT laboratory so the students and even teachers would have access to the software for practical during the training and even after the training.
On the second day, students were taught how to make different designs and logos including the famous MTN logo, ETISALAT, GLO, windows after which students were divided into groups (A-I) and each group was given opportunity to put to practice what they have learnt by making these designs themselves.


Students went ahead to design book covers on the third day while on Thursday, they designed different fliers. One of the groups designed a flier for admission into GDSSS Gombe.

Students during the training..

Some designs made by the students during the training.

The training continued till Friday 29th July, 2017 where the training was brought to a close. A short competition was held between the groups (GROUP A- I). Each group had Just 20 minutes to design MTN logo, Etisalat logo, glo logo and a book cover for their school. Group C emerged the winner while group A came second followed by Group I which came third.

Group C participants 
At the end of the competition, prices were presented to the winners of the competition and also certificates of participation was presented to all students who participated in the training.
The school principal represented by the HOD of ICT department Mrs Essin addressed the students on the importance of the training which was a rare opportunity only few of them were privileged to have. She stressed on the need to put to practice what they’ve been taught and assured them they would be permitted to use the ICT lab for the purpose of graphics design anytime they want to.
One of our facilitators Mr Ibrahim Moses thanked the students for their attention saying he was really surprised at how fast they understood what was being taught considering it was an entirely new thing to them.
The founder of Top teens Miss Wariri Faith seized the opportunity to thank the school management for giving TOP teens the opportunity to conduct the training at GDSSS. In her words, she said
I want to thank the school management for giving me the opportunity to conduct this training. You know this is not the0 only school I visited. I went to other schools but they didn’t give me an encouraging response. But when I came to GDSSS Gombe, they welcomed me and that alone was very encouraging”.
 She went further to address the students on the need for continuity. She said
 and also to the students, don’t just end where we stopped. We’ve learnt a lot in this past week we’ve been exposed to a rare opportunity, and it wouldn’t be nice if we end it here. You can always think of something and design. Practice makes perfect”.
One of the students Jennifer Stephen who participated in the training had this to say.
I want to thank the TOP Teens team on behalf of the students and the school for your effort in bringing these opportunities to us. For me, this is my first time of seeing something like this. I didn’t know before now there was anything like graphics design. I thought maybe they use hands to write and draw on these posters I normally see around. I didn’t know one could use a computer to design anything. I had never seen anything like that. We are so much grateful for your effort and time. Thank you for everything”.
HOD ICT Mrs. Essin presenting certificate to one of the participants Jennifer Stephen.

Another student had this to say
“we really appreciate what you did for us. Its really a paramount opportunity to learn something like this. Nobody gets opportunities like this easily and we who got the opportunity are very grateful”.
We believe that with this training, we have been able to achieve the following:
  • The training will help students develop skills that will permit them to be self-employed and easily integrated into the working population for better products.
  • This training will also help students develop skills essential for the 21st century since technology has taken over a greater percentage of everyday life in the 21stcentury.
  • Teaching students practical rather than just the usual theory taught in most Nigerian public schools will improve students’ engagement, knowledge retention, and participation
  • This project is in line with the SDGs which supports quality education and gender equality

Participants displaying their certificates at the end of the training.