Fixing bad eating habits

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We are discussing Fixing bad eating habits
Before we go on can anyone explain what a habit means?
Answer1: A habit is something you have grown fond of, something you do frequently even without knowing
Answer2: A habit is something that’s part of you, probably you can’t do without.
Like someone has said, it is something you do subconsciously, you just find yourself doing it.
But do you all know that most habits we engage in are bad? Yea that’s right.
We are speaking on bad eating habits but before I proceed, Can we mention at least one bad eating habit we have?
1: Mine is picking my teeth with my hand.
2: Skipping breakfast.
3: Eating from pot
4: I know of people who lick their lips before eating
5: Eating when you are already filled.
6: Eating and lying down almost immediately to rest
 For every of these bad habits, I will tell you how it endanger our health.

  1. When we pick our teeth with our nails, we sometime introduce germs because our hand carries germs causing swelling of gum and toothache. Also, the nails sometimes prick the gum causing bleeding.
  1. When you skip breakfast, it results in fatigue and also causes overeating as you are trying to pay back for the missed meal.
  2. Most pots are made from aluminum and copper which sheds off as tiny particle due to heat so when you are using your spoon to scratch the pot, some of this particle sheds off as well which when ingested can be hazardous to the health of the individual
  3. Licking lips is so embarrassing and also introduces germs to the mouth
  4. When you eat when you are already filled, it could lead to constipation.
  5. Eating while lying down leads to poor digestion.
Question: What about when you’re not eating but you are just used to licking your lips??
Answer: It is still not right. Get a lip gloss or balm if you have a dry lip. Water too is cool, take a sip instead of licking lips “upandan”
Now that we have identified these habit, how do we address them?
Maintaining a healthy eating habit is a gradual process. It might seem difficult but it is attainable.
  •  Don’t skip breakfast, it affects you nutritionally, physically, mentally etc.
  • Start your day with a nutritious meal. Don’t carry ice cream and gala and be thinking its breakfast, Junk junk junk. It is dangerous to your wellbeing and functionality.
  •  Get 8 hours of sleep every night so you don’t wake up tired.
  • Always eat your meal seated at a table. When you sit upright, it allows for normal movement and aid digestion. Make sure you are siting and not semi sleeping.
  • Avoid distractions. We are fond of typing or chatting and eating at the same time. It could be Africa magic or sound city etc. That’s why they invented dining table, you are to eat there and return to your phone or whatever you are doing.
  • Learn to eat with friends and family. It boosts appetite.
  • Eat only when you are hungry and stop when you are full. Don’t do insect eye “ojukokoro”
Question: What if someone is never hungry like me?
Answer: You are hungry only that there is no appetite.
Question: Is it compulsory to break a fast with fruits?
Answer: This is huge but let me explain. There are different kind of fast and one of them is fruit fasting. But for the regular fast that we do which we break by 6pm, you are to break with water then fruit/liquid diet. This is because the digestive tract has been on rest and so you are trying to wake it up. The water will restore the PH and also to prepare it, then fruit or liquid diet follows because they digest easily and quickly.
Next point:
  • Don’t bend when eating to the extent that your head is almost entering inside the plate, this shouldn’t be so because you are the boss and so the spoon should come up to meet you not you almost breaking your neck.
  • Reduce your portion size so you can be active. If you are filled, you may find it difficult to move around.
  •  For those that find it difficult to eat, try other cooking methods. Instead of boiling the chicken, roast it. Instead of frying that plantain, boil it. Instead of palm oil, use coconut oil.
  • Drink water, take a sip before eating. Drink generously after meal, early in the morning.
  • Be mindful of what you eat. Pay attention to ingredients and nutritional facts.
  •  Make a meal plan, set goals for yourself; e.g. from Monday to Friday, I will take an apple daily. Be realistic, don’t say from tomorrow I won’t skip breakfast, “Ko le work” (it wont work) because it’s a gradual process
  • Lastly, learn to manage stress.
On this note, I draw the curtain, any question??
Question: How do we manage stress?
Plan your chores, rest when you get the chance, suspend your “waka about”, exercise, etc.
Question: What do you do when you “don’t have time to eat”?
Who said you can’t eat in traffic (taxi, UBER, napep, train). Before you leave home, drink tea, smoothies etc.
Question: Why is it that some people are always hungry every time?
You are not hungry but craving
We’ve come to the end of today’s session. I hope you learnt something.
My name is Oyinkansola, I am a registered nurse. I will be anchoring tonight’s health corner.