Too awesome to be Jealous.

Ever had to deal with a jealous friend, partner or sibling? Ever wondered why they couldn’t help their jealousy even though you knew you were not proud or flamboyant? There were times you tried to win them over but their jealousy couldn’t be helped. At certain times, you definitely knew that you couldn’t have been the problem. The problem was that cankerworm… low self esteem.

Sincerely, what did Abel do to warrant  jealousy from his brother?They both had access to all their father had. They both chose differently to bring offerings to God. This was not a problem of lack of sufficient materials-what low self worth can do.

Low self worth will surely make one develop bad attitudes one may not be aware of. It can damage relationships and make one seem too difficult to be with. It can manifest as jealousy, hatred, malice, use of berating words, nagging, excessive tendency to control, etc. If not handled properly, it can be transferred to another. Imagine a relationship between two people struggling with low self-worth. It will be a  catastrophe, causing irreversible emotional damage.

Ask yourself- Do you think Obama will be bothered about who and who his wife met this morning or who she spoke with on phone? Do you think Dangote will be bothered about whether his wife would leave him for another? OH! I can hear you say” It’s because they are rich and influential”. But you missed something.
At a time they weren’t rich and powerful and influential yet these women were still with them. One doesn’t develop sudden confidence when riches and power come. Instead, one grows confidence to attain riches and power. The focus is not on the wealth and power, the point is that if you start viewing yourself from a different perspective, seeing yourself as who you want to be even though you are not there yet, you will know for sure that you don’t have any reason to envy another or beg for love from another.

I bring you good news. DO YOU KNOW GOD IS MORE POWERFUL THAN OBAMA OR DANGOTE. Receive His love into your life and the knowledge of the wonder-working power of the Spirit that raised Christ from the dead- that same Spirit that will begin to live in you,- would catapult your self esteem.

You are awesome. People should be envious of you not the other way round. You are too busy enjoying God’s love to be jealous of another. You are worth being with 10000times over that’s why you won’t police that partner around because you’re confident that you are the best of your kind. As you believe this, work on any physical or emotional attribute that you think affects your self-confidence.

NOTE: People will treat you just the way you treat yourself