Letter to my boo

A girl like me you saw

Clothed with every type of flaw
Insecure, timid and afraid
Not willing to dream again. 
Failures and tears from the past, 
took away every faith I had.
I was down and out
Needing a friend, someone to say I care
Your loving arms I felt💖
When life was at its worst
Your reassuring voice of peace
“I’ll never leave nor forsake you” I heard
“Even me?” I thought
“Why would he care?” I asked
I tried, I hid my flaws
So you wouldn’t walk away
I needed you to stay
I needed to be loved
But over and over you knew all what I wouldn’t say
“I’m here to stay” you whispered💕
The more I fell the more you loved
Love not based on how good I am but on who you are
Not based on my perfections but your mercies
Today I’ve learnt to love
I’ve learnt to trust
A beautiful future I live to experience
All my imperfections I’ve come to admire
Smiles and dancings I now enjoy
All because you loved
No more fears, and tears or burden to bear
Once for all the burdens you bore
Hanging on that cross
Word will always fail
Time will never be enough
My gratitude to express
For I can love me cause you love me
To that pretty girl, who thinks she isn’t perfect, or good enough, to the very one who cries due to hurts and failures of the past, you are all you can be, in you greatness I see
He has beautiful plans for you, and its never too late to love on him.
 To Jesus
My eternal boo


                                                                                                         Bestman Pretty