Dear twenty sevenTEEN by Awala Divine

Hello readers,

Its a new year again.
Well I wanna use this medium to welcome you into Twenty sevenTEEN and am sure everyone has their Hopes and Aspiration even as a teen.
As you know hope and aspirations are not really different, it is still talking about the desire to have something. Another word for it is also called Dreams.
For most of us, our hopes and aspirations were not fulfilled. But the question is Will you
let it weigh you down? and What are your hopes and aspirations for Twenty SevenTeen?
Well as for me if I am asked what is my hope for 2017, it is to let God have his way in my life. Hmmmm many people with different dreams. We might have something in common but our hopes can’t be the same.
When hanging out with friends the question came up ” What’s your hope and aspirations for 2017?”. We all were looking but we started talking, some were funny, some stupid, some sounded impossible but one thing I noticed about them is the Determination to make the dreams come through.
When you hope and aspire, how determined are you ? Do you walk towards it or you take whatever life throws at you ?
We all have to dream big and wild, never limit your potentials and one more thing involve Christ (through him all things are possible)
I hope (lol) that we are able to accomplish our Hopes and Aspirations in the year Twenty SevenTEEN. Have a blessed year