Dear Twenty sevenTEEN | by Akinleye Temioluwa

Dear Twenty sevenTEEN,

the sound of you can be compared to a thousand angels singing the praises of the most high,your taste on my lips when I reflect on ‘2016’,is sweeter than that of a million strawberry generals!

  17 oh my 17,you know what I did with 2016 because I’m sure the both of you had a meeting before you showed up and 16 already
let you know what I’ll be needing for this year..I did something nice but I didn’t do it right or rather didn’t see it through.  I made new year resolutions but 2016 wasn’t as nice as helping me stand by them…I decided to stop some things and I went back to them,I wanted to drop some people but I became closer to them instead, I wanted to do some things but instead I pushed them forward!…No,I do not feel bad about this I look forward to doing these things with you ’17 because I trust you’ll be nicer! 2017,I’ve got dreams and I hope to get them fulfilled with you,I know you’ll help me get these things done.. I intend to let you know what my resolutions for this year will be but only lovers love each other enough to see each other to the end!

So,2017 will you be my lover and help achieve these dreams?!
Remember, love doesn’t just speak it acts!

My little letter to 17!

Till the next 12 months,

All my love,

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