Dear Twenty sevenTEEN by Abayomi Adeola

Dear Twenty-SevenTEEN,

I’m sorry it took me so long to send a note to you but its not late either. I hope you are ready to take us all up to greater heights and smarter times.

We the teens have decided that this year, no going back on our pursuit for success. We’d chase success on every sides. Spiritually,we have sat with the Holy Spirit to plan our lives. This time,we are fully prepared to hit you.

Dear 2017, no time to waste. We want you to understand that,this year, no damn person would determine or dictate our mood. We’re gonna’
 stay cool and make sure God determines our all.

Dear 2017, with the whole armor of God i will walk into you so prepared. Spiritually. This time, I’m walking so close with God to make sure he directs my path all through the year. No time for irrelevances. I’m running away from anything that would take me far from the one who divided the sea. No! 2017, if you’re bringing to me any friend who’s not seeing God, don’t bring at all abeg.. I cannot comman be mingling with people in the dark this year! And if you bring at all,God has promised that “they won’t comprehend” lai lai!

Dear 2017, People will celebrate Christ in me! Yay! I wont need to talk much. I’m excited!

Dear 2017, help me to like beans the more! Lol. Even though it gives me hours of stomach upset. My love for beans is BAM

Help me with all these.
Bye for now!
2017, I’m waiting for you

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