Discovering your talents and developing them.

In November, we are holding a webinar focusing on PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT FOR HER.
We have put together a compilation of the notes from Sarurday 3rd November where we talked about developing talents. Incase you aren’t in the group, here is a chance to read up.


I’ll be talking on talents and I’ll be focusing on discovering your talents and developing them.
I’ll like to start first by defining what a Talent is;
According to the dictionary, a talent is a natural endowment of a person. It is an ability or natural capacity that a person possess.
I’ll like us to take note of these words; “Endowment”, “Capacity”.

It’s Important that I establish this, “Every individual is talented”.
You may not believe it or think so but we were all blessed with at least one talent.

This is one important factor to note, there are 2 kinds of talents;The Overt talents and the Covert talents.

The Overt talents are the obviously revealed giftings and abilities, the ones everyone can sees and the “generalized” talents, they are very visible and obvious. Examples are singing, dancing, acting and so on.
Now many people believe that that is all there is to talents, so when they can’t do any of the above, they say that they have no talents but that’s not true. Let it sink again, everyone is talented.

Now to the other one which is the Covert talent, it is more hidden and can only be revealed through self-discovery, self-analysis and thorough study of the self, they are usually not noticed and that’s why people who have these kind of talents think they are not talented. Examples of these kinds of talents are the ability to Plan, Strategize, Give wholesome ideas, Managerial skills, Analyze, Counsel, and so on.

Now they don’t look like talents right? Because we’ve conditioned our minds to believe that Talent is only limited to singing and dancing alone but it’s way beyond that. We have some with one talent and we have those who are regarded as Multitalented but either ways, what really matters is what you’re able to make out of the abilities within you.I need you to understand something; You have answers to questions waiting for you, You are a solution to problems, You have what it takes to meet the needs of those around you, but the question is how can you do all these when you’ve not even discovered yourself?

Also I’ll love to establish this, you need to stop the self-comparison and understand that everyone is uniquely blessed and designed specially. So the fact that somebody can do something and you can’t doesn’t make you less of who you are, what you need to do is to build yourself and increase your capacity.

How you can discover your talents?

Having said all that I’ll like to give a little test on how you can discover your talents but before I do that I’ll like you to note certain things.
Talents are revealed by demands, sometimes responsibilities and demands brings out the best in us. For instance back in school I used to be the General Secretary of the fellowship, that position and responsibility brought a whole lot of revelation. I realized that I was a very good communicator with a compelling ability, I realized I had good administrative skills and planning ability, I discovered my ability to Strategize, manage and analyze things. All these I didn’t know until I found myself in that position. So beyond the spiritual assignment, I was able to discover some aspects of my life. To discover yourself you need to embrace work, work reveals potentials and capacity hidden within us, so you need to actively and positively engage yourself.

So back to the test. You’ll need to ask yourself certain questions and take enough time to find the answers, do not be in a hurry to know all at once, you want to know the truth? You can’t discover all in one day because as you grow more revelation is open up to you.

  1. The first test is to write down every single thing you can naturally do without stress, something you didn’t learn and can do very easily, think of anything and write it down.
  2. Another thing is, what do you love doing? What are you so interested in and what are you passionate about? What do you easily do without stress or struggle, what is that one thing you can do over and over again without being begged to? I realized I love talking, I talk a lot, and many times what I find myself doing is trying to motivate and counsel people, I enjoy it a lot. Also I love to teach and I discovered that when I teach people they understand easily and people just love to hear me speak to them so I do them via my writings and speaking because they are natural abilities and I enjoy them. I remember in my final year we had to do teaching practice because I attended a university of education. If you give me book to mark I will not be happy but just tell me to go and teach, mehn, you don’t even need to beg me, I’ll gladly do. I studied English so I was supposed to take only English but I volunteered to teach all the subjects except math and Yoruba, it was a primary school and I enjoyed the pleasure I derived from teaching.
  3. And also it’s important to ask people around you, those who are closely knitted to you to tell you things they’ve discovered about you but the greater work lies in you discovering yourself. If you want to be meaningfully distinguished in life, you must Discover, Develop and Maximize your talents. Take note of those 3 words;


I’ve talked about the first one which is discovering so I don’t need to go back to it.
I’ll urge us to take that test very seriously and do it.

Ok now the next thing is to Develop. Do not bury your gifts and potentials, they are for use and like I said they are meant to proffer solutions to those around you.

How how do you develop your talents?

  1. There’s a saying that Practice makes perfection, so the more you engage yourself in the things you can do, the better you become at them. When I started writing, I couldn’t go beyond few lines, but as I continued consistently in it, I began to build more capacity to write lengthier and meaningful things. So I got better in writing by writing more often
  2. Concentrate on your strengths and work on your weaknesses.
    The people you see doing great things are people with weaknesses just like you and I but one thing that differentiates them is the ability to leverage and maximize their strengths.
  3. Learn from the masters of the game.
    Whatever it is you can do, find those who are doing excellently well in them and learn from it. Read about them, get close to them, study them, ask questions, just have a quest to know more.
  4. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.
    Keep trying even when you’re not getting anything right, just make sure you learn from every mistakes made and don’t give up on yourself.
  5. The art of consistency is key.
    Consistently doing a particular thing helps you to get better. Keep at it even when there are no visible results. Learn to sharpen your skills, don’t remain on the surface level.

So I’ll end with this;
God is the author of every talent because he gave these gifts to all men and every single talent serves a purpose. There are so many people in the world who are maximizing potentials and only few are fulfilling purpose.

Whatever ability you have, God placed them in you because he knows the capacity he placed within you, he gave you those gifts according to the measure of grace you carry and that’s why even if there are several singers in the world, there’s no one that can sing just like you.
Purpose is found in Christ, purpose is our reason for existence, it is God’s plan and will for humanity and you must understand today that you serve a purpose for your generation. There is something God has placed in you that will bring solutions to the problem of those around you.

So note this today; there’s more to you, there’s a giant within you that must emerge, you do not live for yourself alone and you must begin to think global.

Let me end finally with this illustration;
We all know a smart phone has multiple features, it can play music, watch movies, play games, serve as an alarm, and so on but the sole purpose of a phone is for the purpose of communication. So if you use your phone for other things and fail to use it for the major reason it was created, it simply means that you’ve underused the phone because it’s purpose is for communication and that comes first before every other thing.

So is it with you. You may maximize your potentials perfectly and go so global that the world recognizes you but what is more important is that you fulfil the purposes for which you were created and that is to bring pleasure to God.
God loves you all and has a plan for your lives and it is my prayer that you come into the alignment of God’s purpose, plan and will for your life.
Thank you so much for your time, it was an awesome time.


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