“she was constantly reminded of how useless she was.”

#MyEsteemCampaign day 25.

She was the first of her parents’ children. Mom left to be with another man when she was 3 because dad was abusive. Maybe dad saw mom in her and felt duped because she had left him, so he treated her like she were the cause of his misfortune. She became his object of hate – she was constantly reminded of how useless she was, useless like her mother who was a “prostitute”; to the accompaniment of incessant beatings. She believed him.
Watching dad change women like underwear added to the degradation of her self-worth. She attempted suicide. When that did not work, she took to eating, hoping to numb the guilt and shame she felt inside. Consequently, she grew bigger than most of her peers. At school, she was scorned.
Eventually, she was found by the Lord and something inside her changed. She became so full of joy in spite of her circumstances. She loved herself more and decided that eating wasn’t what she needed to cope. She needed a relationship with the one who had touched her. The more she fellowshipped with Him, the better she felt everyday.
Today, she’s lost all that extra weight and is still letting God work on her. She understands better now, that her self-worth should come from the one who’d saved her; because the worth of a thing is in the price that is paid for it, and she has been bought with a precious price – the very life of the creator. She is worth the life of God. That’s her worth!

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