I stopped blaming myself for my parents’ seperation.

#MyEsteemCampaign day 30.

My Name is Debbie a serving Corp member at Agbara, Ogun state. I was exposed to emotional abuse when I was 8 years old which was one of the reasons for my low self-esteem during my teenage years.

It all started when my parents got divorced and I had to move in with my Dad and step mom. At first, I was excited about the new development but with time, I realized that the difference was so clear.

I felt lost the whole time and I began to blame myself for my predicament. I had negative thoughts written all over me it brought about fear of the unknown. From that moment on all I began to dream of was a peaceful home that was nothing close to the one I grew up in.

With time, I started reading a lot of books and about people in the same situations with me and I realised that I was not alone in this and whatever has happened to me wasn’t my fault and I could choose to heal and be better rather than blame myself for my parents separation or think I deserved what I got. Today, I am not there yet, but I can say my self-esteem is better, I am beginning to love and appreciate myself more and only hope that my tomorrow will be better.
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